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The Central Branch is Hosting Symposium 2017.



February 27, 2017 - Thanks to the membership for electing me as President.  I had thought about running for the position at some point, but was waiting for the right time.  Sometimes, you don’t choose the time; the time chooses you.  The full weight of the appointment has not yet sunk in - but it will.  And there are challenges ahead, for sure.  Fortunately, I am surrounded by a group of committed, passionate, and creative POAO members, who will help me with the task of running the Association. First, a big thanks to the Northern Branch for hosting Symposium 2016.  I had not been to the Nickel City since 2008, when the city last hosted our annual conference.  This time, I made sure to visit the Big Nickel, and that other Sudbury landmark, Deluxe Burger; neither one disappointed. Hosting Symposium is a lot of work.  Planning begins a year before the event takes place, and changes are made up to, and even during the conference.  A lot of moving parts must be managed in order to pull off a successful event.  Anyone who has been on a planning committee can attest to that. The Symposium 2016 planning committee was up to the task, as they put together an excellent program for the delegates.  I was impressed with the variety of workshops, and, like many others, was moved the...

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